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Welcome to SLC

Its an owned property  of 40000 sq .The Proprietor of the Company is Mrs. Swapnja Rajendra Fuse & Co-Ordinator is  Mr. Rajendra Fuse who laid down the foundation stone of Sai Luminaire & casting in 2010.

Based on the Quality standards, small enterprise is constantly expanding its boundaries in all directions, becomes a well known OEM of big Brands in India.

Sai Luminaire & casting is one stop solution for lighting brands under one roof having many manufacturing facilities. Located In  Palghar

With continuous innovations & development in products & processes we are setting up new milestones day by day.

The strength of SLC stands on honesty, commitment & integrity.

Our manufacturing unit is situated at  Palghar just outskirt of Mumbai. Very soon we are starting our  upcoming project of pharmaceuticals bottles productions unit and injection moulding/ blow moulding.

Factory Infrastructure

  • Factory Area 20000 sq/ft.
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection area – 3000 sq/ft.
  • Light Soaking & Testing area- 600 square feet
  • General Assembly area – 1800 square feet
  • In-house Fabrication – 3000 square feet
  • In-house Powder Coating –1200 square feet
  • In-house Pressure Die Casting – 2000 square feet
    R & D – 900 square feet
  • Material storage area – 3500 square feet .
  • Testing facility: As per Customer’s guideline
  • Triming and polishing 2000 sq

What Makes us Different

Market requirement…

❖ What’s new ? Products..
❖ Low price .
❖ Fast delivery & quick service.
❖ complete solution

Our efforts will be…

✓Developing product variant.
✓ Continuous value engineering.
✓ Working on minimum lead time.
✓ To develop new product segment.


Quality Policy

We are committed to
“manufacture and supply sheet metal, Die Casted and Powder Coated components and assemblies of electrical lighting appliances.”
As per customers requirement.
This shall be achieved through a dedicated team of employees by:
Supplying products on time as per customer’s quality requirement so as to to increase sale
To reduce customer’s complaint & house rejection

Inventory control & Maintaining quality systems QMS

Enhancing employees training & Maintaining safe working environmental & continual improvement.


  • PDC (pressure Die Casting cap-250 Tons ; 120Tons ; 60 ton)
  • Sheering M/c -4ft length
  • Power press- different types
  • Milling Machine
  • Drilling & Tapping M/c
  • Short Blasting M/c
  • Extrusion Cutting m/c
  • Spot Welding machines
  • Hand press
  • CNC Lathe M/c
  • Manual Lathe M/c
  • Powder coating
  • Grinding m/c, Arc welding, ETC…