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Welcome to SLC

Welcome to the illuminating journey of Shree Sai Metal Finishing, now proudly known as SLC India, started by founders Rajendra Phuse and Swapnaja Phuse . Our story is one of passion, perseverance, and continuous evolution in the pursuit of excellence.
It all began in 2010 within a modest 600 sq ft space, where we laid the foundation for our venture, pioneering the powder coating process. This initial step marked the inception of our commitment to delivering superior metal finishing solutions.
Driven by our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, by 2012, we expanded our operations, doubling our workspace to 2000 sq ft while maintaining our focus on powder coating services. This expansion allowed us to better cater to the needs of our growing clientele.
As our reputation for excellence grew, so did our ambition. In 2014, we took a significant leap forward, expanding our company to 6000 sq ft and introducing Sai Luminaire and Casting. This expansion enabled us to diversify our offerings, incorporating fabrication alongside our core expertise in powder coating.
Continuing our upward trajectory, 2020 saw us reach new heights as we expanded our operational footprint to 14000 sq ft. Introducing advanced capabilities such as CNC Pressure Die Casting, we remained at the forefront of technological innovation in the metal finishing industry.
Fast forward to 2024, and Shree Sai Metal Finishing has transformed into SLC India, a name synonymous with excellence in the lighting industry. With a sprawling 190000 sq ft facility equipped with cutting-edge in-house facilities including pressure die casting, plastic injection molding, fabrication units, and a dedicated toolroom, state-of-the-art powder coating facilities, ensuring efficiency and productivity at every step.
We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions under one roof. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our facilities. We provide a conducive work environment for our workforce, with labor cottages and At SLC India, we believe in the power of our skilled and experienced workforce. Our team of professionals is well-versed in the latest lighting technologies, ensuring that every product leaving our facility meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.
We owe our success to the continued efforts and unwavering commitment of our founders, Mr. Rajendra Phuse and Mrs. Swapnaja Phuse. Their vision and leadership have been instrumental in shaping our journey.
Thank you for considering SLC India as your trusted lighting brand. Join us as we continue to light the path of innovation and excellence in the world of metal finishing and lighting solutions.


What Makes us Different



We constantly strive hard to acheive

❖ What’s new ? Products..
❖ Low price .
❖ Fast delivery & quick service.
❖ Complete solution

✓Developing product variant.
✓ Continuous value engineering.
✓ Working on minimum lead time.
✓ To develop new product segment.


Our Strength

Our success story is built upon three pillars:

·         Latest Machinery:

 We pride ourselves on leveraging cutting-edge machinery and technology, setting industry standards for innovation and precision in lighting manufacturing.

·        Trained & Experienced Manpower:

Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced professionals who drive our commitment to excellence. They are always eager to mentor and guide the next generation of talent.

·         Customer Service:

At SLC India, we place customer satisfaction at the heart of our operations. We go the extra mile to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Factory Infrastructure

SLC India Lighting Manufacturing is a leading player in the lighting industry, nestled in an impressive 180,000 square feet manufacturing facility, accompanied by a spacious 16,000 square feet warehouse and a corporate office in Palghar. We have earned a reputation as the go-to one-stop solution provider for lighting brands, housing multiple state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities under one roof. SLC India Lighting Manufacturing offers a dynamic and growth-oriented environment for individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds.





  • PDC (pressure Die Casting cap-250 Tons ; 120Tons ; 60 ton)
  • Plastic Moulding Machine
  • Sheering M/c -4ft length
  • Power press- different types
  • Milling Machine
  • Drilling & Tapping M/c
  • Short Blasting M/c
  • Extrusion Cutting m/c
  • Spot Welding machines
  • VMC machine
  • Hand press
  • CNC Lathe M/c
  • Manual lathe machine
  • Semi automatic Converised Powder coating
  • Grinding m/c
  • Arc welding Machine