Mars 2x 27 /30 W Mezzo

Product Name: MARS 2X27 (MEZZO) Recess mounted
Housing: Aluminum Die casted cob Housing Frame– Glass Ring also  
Mounting Type: Recessed
Powder Coating:Black / White / Customized as per requirement
Reflector: P.C. Reflector with Tested from NEBL Gov. Approved.
ABS / Polycarbonate:COB Holder & Reflector with cover (PC)
Hardware:SS/Zinc/ Nickel plated MS (SS 304 as per Customer Requirement)
Packing:Corrugated as per Customer Requirement
Suitable for Watage: 20W To 27W
Thermal tested report:  66°C for 27W 


Product Name:MARS 2X27 (MEZZO) Recess mounted
Housing:Aluminum Die casted cob Housing Frame– Glass Ring also 
Mounting  Type:Recessed
Powder Coating:Black / White / Customized as per requirement
PackagingCorrugated as per Customer Requirement 


Beam Angle:24°, 40°, 60°
Reflector Dia & Type:75 MM Darkoo type 
COB Holder:Available 1818,1919,2024,2525


Suitable for Watage:20W To 27W
Thermal tested report: 66°C for 27W